Carbon is the basic building block for all life on earth; unfortunately, it is also one if the major players in modern climate change. A simple way to deal with the carbon problem is to employ the most basic of climate change tools: TREES!



  • STEP ONE:       Decide how much CO2 emissions you want to compensate for; everything from daily life and travel, to total business emissions.
  • STEP TWO:      Calculate how many trees this equals. Each tree gives 200 kgs of CO2 offsetting so it is an easy calculation to do. We sell our trees in                                 units of 10 and the cost is USD 20 per unit.
  • STEP THREE:   Place an order on our  “offset now” page for your suggested number of trees.

That’s it! You’re officially one step closer to being carbon neutral.

Together with the invoice, Root to Fruit will send you your tree certificate, which includes the exact GPS coordinates of your trees.  Check out the location of your trees online; or better yet, why not plan a trip to Malawi and enjoy this wonderful country while relaxing under the shade of your very own trees?

It’s that simple! One purchase not only provides the peace of mind that comes with reducing your carbon footprint, but also the knowledge that you are contributing to the global community through creation of jobs, provision of nutrient-rich fruits,  education opportunities, improved soil standards, and much more.