When you choose to compensate through us we want you to know where your money goes and that the effect is for real. We will issue a certificate with GPS coordinates for your trees so you know exactly where they are. We welcome all tree buyers to visit us in Malawi and see how your trees are doing.
We strongly believe we are making a difference and we want everyone to know who we are and how we work. We rely on findings of the IPCC and other trusted authorities to build our compensation model and are constantly looking to improve this model, as new findings should deem this necessary.
We believe there is a win-win effect by reforesting the areas where we work;  the correct tree species benefit both the global climate and the local communities.  The trees we plant will be distributed to local tree clubs and all benefits of the trees – aside from the CO2 effect – will be for the local communities.
We want our project to improve the global climate as well as the local climate in Malawi. We believe a change of mindset is needed and hope that providing a cost effective and reliable option for carbon offsetting will encourage such a shift. On a local level, we educate and empower Malawian people to mobilize their own communities in reducing deforestation and focusing on reforestation.