The tree species planted and distributed by Root to Fruit are carefully chosen by our Operations Manager, Mr. Master Banda. His education and background working with the Malawi Forestry Department have equipped him with extensive knowledge of the most appropriate species for this region. Furthermore, his position as a local Chief in the Chintheche area gives him great insight into building relationships in the community and the best approach to educate community members about caring for your trees.

Tree species

We realize the need to have local communities supporting our project and have, therefore, chosen species that are in local demand, which will not only result in carbon offsetting but also benefit these communities.  We  value the importance of planting indigenous species in Malawi and choose species that will have an end use that will store your carbon for years to come. In order to encourage community members to see the importance of  trees in their daily lives and to improve local access to nutrition and medicines, we have also included a small selection of exotic species that provide such things.

We also plant an additional 10% of the number of trees purchased, intended as a woodlot for local community members, with instructions on how to coppice, meaning the woodlot can survive indefinitely.  These woodlots act as a safeguard for your trees, providing the local community with access to fuelwood and reducing the likelihood of indigenous trees being felled. As an added buffer, we plant an additional 20% of the number of trees purchased, to compensate for potential deaths in the field. These additional trees, totaling 30% addition of trees to your purchase, will give you peace of mind knowing that your carbon offset goals will be met while meeting the needs of local communities.

More detailed description of our trees is found in the PDF below