Ralf Holmström

Ralf Holmström, CEO

Being brought up by nature loving parents, Ralf’s childhood was partly spent in the Swedish forests and mountain areas. Since then, the interest and passion for nature and wildlife have always been with him.

Through his involvement in various travel companies operating nature and wildlife trips, Ralf soon realized the importance of protecting these sensitive areas. Upon researching the effects of global warming, it became apparent that a responsible travel company worth its name needed to build a carbon compensation scheme into its products.

It therefore made perfect sense for Ralf’s company, Southbound Travel Group, to partner up with Central African Wilderness Safaris and expand their existing tree planting project on the shores of Lake Malawi to form Root to Fruit in 2012. It gives him a great sense of pride and satisfaction to see not only the trees grow – but also the project itself and the people involved.

Ralf’s main occupation is as Managing Director for Southbound Travel Group, but running the European branch of Root to Fruit goes very much hand in hand with this work.

Thomas Björklund

Thomas Björklund

In 2013 Thomas Björklund, a long time friend and business partner to Ralf, joins Root to Fruit. Previously a journalist, TB has a degree in environmental science and has over the years run a small web programming business.

Being the father of two, the ever-present feeling of environmental remorse is a driving factor of developing the business at Root to Fruit. There is only one genuine net producer in the world – the green cell converting co2 and sunlight into o2 and green matter. So lets make the best possible conditions for these guys – they are helping us to sustain our lives.

Participation in a social business such as Root To Fruit, with the purpose to contribute to a slightly better world in the West and in Africa, gives him satisfaction.

He wants to show, to his friends and children, that it is possible to make a small difference, instead of accepting the role of victims in the current global environmental change.

Marie Skarström

Marie Skarström

Marie joined RTF in 2013. She is a MD by profession. Her function in Root To Fruit is strategic regarding market and profiling issues.