Become a responsible world citizen and invest in trees to offset the carbon released through your everyday life.
The global annual average (2011) of CO2 emissions per capita is 4.5 metric tones. To see the average per capita in your country use drop-down in next column/below.

Each tree planted by Root to Fruit offsets 200 kg CO2 and the cost is 2 USD.  To compensate for the global average you can purchase 20 trees at a cost of 40 USD.

If you feel you should compensate for the national average in your country here are some examples:

USA:  17,6 metric tonnes CO2 = 88 trees

Sweden: 5,6 metric tonnes CO2 = 28 trees

Germany: 9,1 metric tonnes CO2 = 45 trees

Malawi: 0,1 metric tonnes CO2 = 0,5 trees

and the complete list (2010 figures, Source:

Please note that we sell our trees in units of 10 so above examples would be 9 units for an American, 3 for a Swede and 5 for a German. A Malawian buying 1 unit would compensate for 19 additional fellow countrymen!

A global change of lifestyle is recommended, but this may not yet be a viable option for all people. By compensating for your emissions, you are taking responsibility for your lifestyle and you are giving the world and its inhabitants more time to adapt and improve.

By compensating with Root to Fruit, you are contributing to jobs, environmental education, and improved access to nutrition for the local population in Malawi. You are also contributing to an improved local climate with better soil fertility, increased local rainfall, conservation of groundwater systems and reduced erosion.

Thank you for helping us address climate change in a sustainable and socioeconomic context.