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Onebillion are a non-profit organisation based in London. Their international team of experts have built comprehensive, scalable educational software for children in and out of school with the goal to facilitate reading and numeracy in the child’s own language.

Together with partner organisations around the world, they work to bring this software directly into the hands of the child. They make absolutely sure that it meets the needs of the child through encouraging independent researchers to evaluate the software.

One of their projects has gained great success in Malawi, enabling a nationwide educational initiative reaching millions of children. Reducing their carbon footprint through a community based planting project has enabled further outreach to school children, and we have trialled onbillion’s devices in some of our Root to Fruit schools.

Clean and Proud Recycling

Clean & Proud non-profit was set up with the aim of addressing the severe lack in plastic waste management in Malawi. With no efficient system dealing with the plastic waste, a waste which is generated by all citizens and mainly comprising of single plastics, there is a very observable build up in the environment. It blocks drainage ditches forming stagnant pools and accumulates in dumping piles throughout the city. Piles are either swept or burnt giving off toxic fumes in busy areas. People also take advantage of its flammability and heat production burning it to light their mbaula (cooking tool), exposing families to these toxic fumes.

Clean & Proud runs a single workshop in the Northern City of Mzuzu. Their team clean and process the single use plastic waste collected off the streets into new long-life sheets which are then manufacture into long life products. These products have also been designed to encourage consumers to reduce their own plastic consumption. Every product produced recycle single use plastic removed from the environment and 100% of sales are reinvested to conduct outreach and awareness, expansion and to develop incentives for communities to conduct their own recycling such as paying collection points managed by Clean & Proud.

Clean & Proud offer the opportunity to the customer to buy a Root to Fruit tree each time a product is sold, helping us to understand the carbon footprint of products as well as us as individuals.


Since its establishment in 1991 Noble Caledonia have made it their aim to provide clients with a lasting memory of a journey made with like-minded travellers. In addition to their first love which is small ships, they also offer journeys by private plane, private train and escorted worldwide tours. The experience and atmosphere onboard one of their vessels is very different to that onboard the usual big cruise ships and is more akin to a private yacht or country house hotel with informative guest speakers and cruise directors as well as expedition teams.

Being a privately owned business operated by seasoned travel professionals rather than a management accountant, they have the freedom to create and operate trips for what they consider to be the right reasons.

Owner Katarina Salén says: “Green initiatives lie close to my heart, so I am enthusiastic about the Root to Fruit project. We send several groups on overland trips in Malawi, and for each traveller we buy a set of trees through Root to Fruit. As part of the itinerary we visit the plantation where our travellers get to see their trees with their own eyes and learn more about the project. After having been here, they are great ambassadors for the Root to Fruit initiative.”

Noble Caledonia are offsetting CO2 emissions through Root to Fruits offsetting program and have more than 40 000 trees standing in their name in the Chinteche region.

calexico wood

Calexico Wood is a hardwood vendor selling all types of processed non-native lumber, veneers and wooden boards. The company retails products solely from a web-front bringing attractive prices and efficient transports to Swedish private customers and smaller companies.

The company has addressed the carbon impact from retailed products and subsequent transports and have as a first step adopted the policy ‘A planted tree for each order processed.’ Calexico Wood is our first offset-subscriber, i e they are offsetting every 6 months. A program has been launched on how to embed carbon-offsetting due to transports and material use into the order process, showing the environmental importance compared to the insignificant cost of offsetting.


African Sunset is a special tour operator for Southern & Eastern Africa as well as Indian Ocean destinations and accommodates exciting safaris and beach holidays for individuals or small groups. As keen travelers ourselves, we would like to encourage and share our love for Africa and the experience in discovering the gorgeous beauty of Africa and Indian Ocean. Lodgings and services offered have all been carefully tested and preselected by our team.

Security, African experience and excitement are our main priorities. We offer a wide range of safari travel and beach holiday which includes – among others – bespoken, individual self-drive travel or guided safaris to the most scenic places in Africa.

For the last years African Sunset became one of the top-rated tour operator specialists for Southern & Eastern Africa in Germany. Browse through our “adventurous world of Africa” and discover the breathtaking surroundings we have seen. Your journey to Africa should feel like sousing into another world. A world, in which your senses get sharpened for all the secrets of nature, wildlife, traditional African cultures and some of the most pristine beaches at the Indian Ocean. A world, in which you will forget about all the hectic rush and noise of these days.

Salén ship management

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their mission is to manage small expedition and destination cruise ships at a four star plus standard. They strive to run a hands-on operation and their permanent staff include two master mariners and one chief engineer who share their time between ship and shore. The team of people have vast experience from shipping, small ship cruising and maritime law. One of the founders is from the Swedish shipping family Salén – hence the name.

It is the target of Salén Ship Management to run their ships in a way that meets the high expectations of their valued guests. They earmark the best crew available and their ships are always operated in compliance with all applicable national and international rules and regulations.

Salen Ship Management are offsetting their CO2 emissions through Root to Fruits offsetting program and have more than 5 000 trees standing in their name in the Chinteche region.


Magnus Johansson runs the construction company Byggverksamhet AB in southern Sweden. The construction business in general is creating a lot of carbon emission with all the material and machines needed to build modern houses of today. Using wood as construction material is a good way of reducing these emissions and Magnus best selling products, the so called “Attefalls houses”, are built almost entirely of beautiful Swedish timber.To offset for the emissions still created by his business Magnus has chosen to buy trees from Root to Fruit.“As a father of two children I worry about global warming and the consequences for the planet. When I heard about Root to Fruit and learned more about the project I realized it was a perfect match. It is a surprisingly small amount needed to offset the emissions created through my business and I know my clients are very appreciative of me taking on this responsibility. So I don’t really see it as a cost but rather as a small part of my marketing budget. On a personal level I also really like that through the trees planted I am not just doing an effort for the global climate but I am also helping the local communities in a remote and poor part of rural Africa”


Contour Functional Art is a custom design company based in Houston, Texas with workshops in America and Malawi. We empower communities in East Africa by collaborating to handcraft meaningful, sustainable pieces of functional art.

The Contour team believes in empowering artisans globally by embracing four principles: Reinvest, Outreach, Sustain, and Empower (R.O.S.E). Our CONTOUR design and build team consists of Malawian artisans that have tremendous creative ability. It is our goal to professionally train our design team and help them build an infrastructure that will improve productivity in a sustainable way.

Through our partnership with Root to Fruit, we are pledging up to 20 donated trees for every piece of functional art sold.


At Snap Out we’re devoted to affecting positive change in the world through the creation of technology and the creative application of innovations. This vision impacts everything we do, from the birth of an idea to the delivery of a finished product and throughout the product’s lifecycle. We apply this knowledge to the creation of digital products, services, and businesses.


Our main office is within the beautiful grounds of Chintheche Inn, located just 40 minutes south of Nkhata Bay, in the Northern Region of Malawi.


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Our European office is situated in the city centers of Göteborg, Sweden


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