Master Banda, a retired Forestry Officer and local Village Headman, provides a wealth of local knowledge about appropriate species choices, best nursery practice, organic pest-control, and much more.


Community participation is not only key in the success of reforestation in Malawi, but it is also key in attempts to reduce the current levels of deforestation. Root to Fruit meets with local communities, uses area-specific examples to explain the effects of deforestation, and invites community members to create Tree Clubs that are trained in site preparation, planting, and after-care techniques, and are responsible for the survival of their seedlings.  Each club is monitored, provided training support, and encouraged to keep up the great work!




Root to Fruit partners with Central African Wilderness Safaris’ “Children in the Wilderness” program to educate local schools about the effects of deforestation and invites students to participate in addressing the issue. We also provide training regarding composting, anti-erosion measures, and simple agroforestry techniques to communities surrounding our nurseries.





In the 2016-2017 season, Root to Fruit raised, distributed, and planted 60,310 seedlings with the help of the local community and will continue to consistently monitor the seedlings to ensure the best possible survival rate in the field.





Thank you for your interest in Root to Fruit  and for your concern about global warming and tree planting in Malawi.