Our trees are packaged into units of 10, with each individual tree priced at 3USD.

  • Each tree offsets 200 kgs of CO2 over 10 years, stored in the roots, trunk, branches and leaves of your trees, to reduce your personal carbon footprint. Your trees are very likely to survive much longer than 10 years, but we use this very conservative estimate to ensure the desired offsetting is achieved.
  • In an effort to ensure that your trees are left to grow into maturity, we plant 3 extra trees for every unit of 10 trees purchased, free-of-charge.
  • 1 of the extra trees provides local communities with a woodlot for use in their daily lives (cooking, building, etc.), reducing the threat of your trees being harvested.
  • The remaining 2 extra trees are planted to provide a buffer for any seedlings that might die in the field.
  • Visit the “Why Malawi” page to learn more about the uses of trees on-site.

We provide you:

  • The carbon-offset rights to the trees purchased & planted.
  • A Certificate granting you these rights over 10 years.
  • Gps-coordinates giving you the exact location of the trees.
  • The opportunity to come visit the trees and the area wherein they are planted.

Offsetting with Root to Fruit has many social benefits for community members in Malawi as well, including:

  • Creation of income-generating activities through sales from fruit trees
  • Reconditioning of soil through nitrogen-fixing tree species
  • Access to improved nutrition through fruit trees
  • Provision of shade and beautification of the countryside
  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Employment opportunities and access to conservation education


Our main office is within the beautiful grounds of Chintheche Inn, located just 40 minutes south of Nkhata Bay, in the Northern Region of Malawi.


Root to Fruit Ltd.
C/O Chintheche Inn
P.O. Box 9
Chintheche, Nkhata Bay,


+265 11 193 1045


Our European office is situated in the city centers of Göteborg, Sweden


Root to Fruit AB
Ostindiefararen 46

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