For Small and medium size businesses.

Become an eco-friendly enterprise by buying enough trees to compensate your weekly, monthly, or annual carbon footprint.

It is nearly inevitable that your company has an impact on the global climate. Root to fruit offers you the opportunity to lessen that impact and take responsibility for your business’ carbon output.

We believe that doing so is not only good for the climate but good for your business as well. Consumers are increasingly more aware of environmental issues and the ability to offer eco-friendly products and services is quickly growing in its appeal.

Root to Fruit is committed to planting trees and ensuring their survival. As a small company ourselves we are the perfect fit for small to medium sized enterprises. We can produce the trees needed to offset your carbon emissions while offering tangible monitoring options.

Our packages

Calculating the exact carbon emissions for your company can be quite a process, dependent upon scale. This is not a service that we currently offer, but instead we opt for the simplified approach of offsetting general tonnage:

  1. The small package: 100 trees – which will give a compensation of 20 ton CO2. Cost for this is USD 200
  2. The medium package: 500 trees – which will give compensation of 100 ton CO2. Cost for this is USD 1000
  3. The large package: 1000 trees – which will give a compensation of 200 ton CO2. Cost for this is USD 2000
By compensating with Root to Fruit, you are contributing to jobs, environmental education, and improved access to nutrition for the local population in Malawi. You are also contributing to an improved local climate with better soil fertility, increased local rainfall, conservation of groundwater systems and reduced erosion.

Thank you for helping us address climate change in a sustainable and socioeconomic context.

A global change of doing business

Businesses who do not take their carbon footprint into account when planning for the future will soon be losing their clientele and most modern companies have by now realized this. But even the environmental conscious and responsible businesses can not avoid all emissions. So by compensating for these emissions you show your company is taking this seriously and gives you a competitive advantage by showing your clientele that any dealings with you means zero negative effect on the climate.


Our main office is within the beautiful grounds of Chintheche Inn, located just 40 minutes south of Nkhata Bay, in the Northern Region of Malawi.


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Our European office is situated in the city centers of Göteborg, Sweden


Root to Fruit AB
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